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956 Great South Road

The redevelopment of this existing storage warehouse to a new showroom/office/retail complex for Property For Industry was by no means a straight forward contract.

Project Outline
  • client:Property For Industry
  • construction period:Jan 2007 - August 2007
  • project value:$1,400,000
  • consultants:Avery Team Architecture
  • referee:Ross Blackmore - 09 307 8393

The existing build was riddled with Asbestos which needed to be removed to meet H&S requirements. The structural steel portal frame had to be cut lifted and spliced to achieve the new stud height. The new retail shop-front and canopies were designed to give the tired old warehouse a brand new lift which is much more appealing to the public.

The tenants requirements meant the programme was extremely short with approximately 6 weeks being shaved off the end date. The tenant also required early access to the building which meant that our H&S and liaison with other contractors needed to be very sharp.