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BNZ Warkworth Fitout

Q Interiors completed the fitout for a new BNZ branch up at Warkworth.  The fitout was completed alongside the base build construction with no delays accepted, as the branch had a set opening date.  We had to work around the difficulties of ensuring the building was watertight and the co-ordination of base build services. 

Project Outline
  • client:BNZ Branch Properties Ltd
  • construction period:2 Months
  • project value:$300,000
  • consultants:Warren & Mahoney, Opus
  • referee:Carmel Tolhurst - RCP

Our contract included for lining base build walls, new partitions, suspended ceilings, services, joinery fittings, finishes and the installation of client supplied items.  We had to ensure all details met the BNZ Guidelines with the co-ordination and management of a number of client nominated contractors and suppliers.  On the last weekend before opening we relocated a number of fittings and services from the existing branch, while ensuring no disruption to the bank’s operation.

We facilitated all signoff’s from the Council including a Code of Compliance and a Certificate of Public Use prior to the opening date.